Agronomy, soil science

Vice chief of soil laboratory

Address: Department of Agriculture Land Management (DALaM), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Nongviengkham village, Xaythany district, Vientiane capital, LAO PDR

Phone: +586 20 99 38 28 93

Email: xaysatith1|DONTWANTSPAM|@hotmail.com

Main fields of research and expertise

The bachelor degree of Xaysatith SOULIYAVONGSA is specifically in agronomy. After he graduated in 2004, he worked for a France-collaboration project dedicated to agro-ecology on uplands as an assistant of field experiment for a year. Later on, he worked for LAO-IRRI program as a technical staff on fertilization trial for rice and maize in particular. Since he graduated as MSc (soil fertility) in 2010 from Thailand, he works in soil laboratory at DALaM up to now. He has over nine years’ experience on soil fertility assessment.