WP2: Socio-environmental profiling & mapping of HW

WP2: Socio-environmental profiling & mapping of HW

PI Bouvet A., Gangneron F.

This WP will document the socio-environmental characteristics of the areas that form the context of the project. This WP will also map and establish a typology of HW (multi-satellite data + ground truth calibration/validation + local knowledge). Many contributors are therefore involved in this WP which is expected to result in a more refined typology considering agro-ecosystems in both their biophysical and social dimensions. This knowledge will be used to design sustainable LU strategies that maintain essential ecosystem functions of HW (see WP6).

Task 2.1. Remote sensing tools and mapping of landscape characteristics (PI Bouvet A.)

Task 2.2. Ethnographic field studies and social surveys (PI Gangneron F., Micollier E.)

Task 2.3. Assessment of current and past contamination (PI Foucher A.)